Prompt 40

"Write a poem about a tomato" Round and ever blushing It sits there, poised and stoic Still and never rushing A patience near heroic. It wears a dark green hat Its attachment to the vine The one on which it sat Oh that tomato, mine. In a salad it will go With some lettuce and … Continue reading Prompt 40

Prompt 39

"Your favourite tree" Outside the living room window of the house I grew up in, there is a large, majestic magnolia tree. It sits, about as tall as the house, if not taller, and is clad year-round in big, thick leaves of a deep green shade. And when it flowers, it provides huge creamy white … Continue reading Prompt 39

Prompt 36

"Parades" People marching, mesmerized, all moving in the same direction, stepping at the same pace. Corralled by banners and observers that delineate the path the marchers must follow. Slow progress, allowing the audience to carefully absorb the celebration or the protest of those passing by. A chant? Perhaps. Starting at the front and rippling across the … Continue reading Prompt 36