Prompt 35

"Five things you wish you'd asked your grandmother" When my grandmother passed away when I was 17, I was plagued by a persistent feeling that I had been robbed of so many conversations with her. In that sense, this prompt is quite appropriate. What was it about Baba (my grandfather) that drew you to him? … Continue reading Prompt 35

Prompt 34

"Why you write" Writing, to put it very simply, is my calling. Being able to craft the right words to tell a story, to make a point, or simply to describe something and make it real for someone else is what I have loved doing for as long as I can remember. I've never really … Continue reading Prompt 34

Prompt 30

"A recipe for disaster" 1 antagonistic drunk 1 tsp of tension 1 elephant in a room 2-3 secrets kneaded in with 1-2 lies 2 defensive family members, well shaken 1 pinch of contention Place all ingredients into a small room and mix well until yelling and accusations bubble to the surface. Top it off with … Continue reading Prompt 30