Prompt 60

"A piece of clothing you keep just for the memory" There's a dress hanging in my closet. Its colours red and gold. The bodice, sleeveless, is of red silk with golden oriental patterns splayed across it. The waist is a simple golden ribbon, sewn on by hand after the fact with clumsy and imperfect stitches … Continue reading Prompt 60

Prompt 59

"The way the sky looks today" Spring seems to have finally landed in Vancouver. After months of rain and grey, today the city is graced with the bluest of skies. The sun is shining joyfully, inviting itself in through windows and caressing walls that had long forgotten its touch.Β  There's a light haze hanging low … Continue reading Prompt 59

Prompt 49

"Come up with every possible way to describe something as 'red', without using the word itself" The notebook was of a warm, vibrant hue. It blushed, somewhere between crimson and maroon, inspiring memories of fresh strawberries, bright peppers, and ruddy tomatoes. The colour of a rose, perhaps, not quite as deep as an apple, but … Continue reading Prompt 49

Prompt 36

"Parades" People marching, mesmerized, all movingΒ in the same direction, stepping at the same pace. Corralled by banners and observers that delineate the path the marchers must follow. Slow progress, allowing the audience to carefully absorb the celebration or the protest of those passing by. A chant? Perhaps. Starting at the front and rippling across the … Continue reading Prompt 36