Prompt 50

"You bring someone back from the dead. Who is it?" I think when we're asked this question, we're often expected to choose someone famous or someone who played a big role in bringing good to the world. Selfishly, I'm quite baffled by that. I don't think I could ever squander this wish like that. If … Continue reading Prompt 50

Prompt 48

"Describe each person in your family with just one word" Although there are multiple and, at times, contradicting descriptors for each of my family members, I've somehow managed to narrow each down to one word. Dad: Dedicated Mom: Loving Fiona: Strong James: Headstrong Kif: Charming Rory: Youthful

Prompt 44

"Write a story that ends with the line 'And this is the room where it happened'." Two sisters, four and five, play with their bears, each creating stories from their corner in the bedroom. Each in a world that seeps into the other; overlapping imaginings. The elder, always meticulous, had her bear poised as she … Continue reading Prompt 44

Prompt 35

"Five things you wish you'd asked your grandmother" When my grandmother passed away when I was 17, I was plagued by a persistent feeling that I had been robbed of so many conversations with her. In that sense, this prompt is quite appropriate. What was it about Baba (my grandfather) that drew you to him? … Continue reading Prompt 35