Prompt 67

"Your favourite piece of playground equipment"  When I was little, there weren't many occasions where we would go to playgrounds. Our family lived on a farm, and our playground was our garden, with low hanging branches to climb and fallen tree trunks to walk across.  When we did happen to stumble on an actual playground, … Continue reading Prompt 67

Prompt 66

"What you were doing this time last year" This time last year, I was in the process of packing up my life in Toronto. I was selling furniture, filling boxes meticulously with our possessions, debating over what to keep versus what to give away or throw away. I was planning final visits, lunches, dinners, drinks … Continue reading Prompt 66

Prompt 65

"Hickory dickory dock The mouse ran up the clock The clock struck one The mouse ran down Hickory dickory dock." He was cursed, this mouse was. His name was Remus. He lived in a hole in the wall, underneath the staircase of the Fairchild household, right across the room from the Fairchild grandfather clock that … Continue reading Prompt 65

Prompt 64

"What does writer's block feel like?" I think that just as much as every writer has their own process for writing, each and every one probably experiences writer's block in different ways. The easiest way to envisage writer's block is a pair of clawed hands holding the writer back, rendering him or her unable to … Continue reading Prompt 64

Prompt 63

"Making soup" I feel like soup is more than just food, don't you? Soup is nourishment for the soul. Picture this: it's a cold, damp day, and you're feeling kind of blue because your boss yelled at you for something that wasn't your fault. You stop at the grocery store because you know that there's … Continue reading Prompt 63

Prompt 62

"Write ten sayings for fortune cookies" A friend is one who celebrates your good fortunes as much as he or she supports you in your downfalls. Seek peace in yourself before you aim to bestow it upon others. If you are surrounded by a flock of angry pigeons...don't look up. Don't forget to savour the … Continue reading Prompt 62